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Class of 2022


Alan Martinez, President

My name is Alan Martínez, it’s my first year being in ASB, I’m the president for the freshmen class.In the summer I like to  help out in my local church and try to help as much as possible in our community. My goals for the future is to graduate with honors and get accepted into UCI where I will be studying mechanical engineering.

Vice President

Valeria Meza, Vice President

My name is Valeria Meza, I’m currently a freshman at Desert Mirage High School and a member of the ASB program. I’m also the Vice President of my class. I’ve been a part of ASB since my middle school years and it really is something that calls my attention and I like being a part of. I hope to continue
in this program throughout all my high school years.  It has been a great experience being involved in most school activities and just simply knowing what’s going on in my school. Just like being involved in my school, I also enjoy being a part of my community by doing community service. Also, my plans for the future consist of graduating from high school and studying in my dream university which is USC. Attending a university of this kind will for sure be one of the biggest goals I hope to accomplish in the future.  I am not completely determined on what it is I want to study and major in but this what I hope to accomplish in the future.

Class of 2022