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Class of 2020


Sandy Rodriguez, President

Vice President

Jasmine Jaimes, Vice President

My name is Jasmine Jaimes. I was born and raised in the Coachella Valley in a Hispanic family. I am the Junior class Vice President, as Vice President I have the responsibility to take charge when the president is absent but as well contribute to the decisions being taken. I consider myself a shy person at first but once I get to know someone I can be funny and very sociable. I look forward to attending a four year university after high school and hope to major in business management. I never really saw myself being in asb and especially not as Vice President but one day my friend said “let’s join asb” and I thought why not? then i saw myself applying for the position as Vice President and I didn’t think much of it at first but I won the position and I was pretty happy but I knew it’d be tough but even so I knew it was nothing I could not handle. Although it is my first year I hope to continue my senior year as well.

Class of 2020