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Executive Board

Executive President

Jorge Estrada, Executive President

Jorge Estrada is the Executive President for the 2018-2019 school year. He has been apart of ASB since Freshman year and has been class president 3 years, he was in student site council and school site council for two years, and is currently involved in the Puente Program. His goals are to increase student inclusivity and create a safe and enjoyable environment for the student body. In the near future Jorge plans to attend a 4-year university to study Political Science and Public Policy. Jorge plans to be a politician later in life.

Executive Vice President

Maria Castillo, Executive Vice President

I am Executive Vice President of Desert Mirage High School, and I have been part of ASB for 9 years. I enjoy taking on leadership roles, therefore I am Yearbook Editor, President of Ballet Folklorico, and Town Hall Ambassador. As Valedictorian of the graduating class of 2019, I have a very rigorous schedule. I am a master at managing my time, and I plan to pursue a degree at the University of Southern California during the fall.

Executive Secretary

Triana Ramos, Executive Secretary

Hello, my name is Triana Ramos and I am currently a senior at Desert Mirage High School and I am the executive secretary for my schools ASB. I have been in ASB all four years in high school and I can honestly say, it has been one of the best experiences in my life. Being in ASB helped me step out of my comfort zone and learn how to communicate with others. I have plans to go to Cal State San Marcos and study biology. With this degree, I plan to become an optometrist or in simpler words, become an eye doctor.

Executive Treasurer

Jocelyn Araujo, Executive Treasurer

My name is Jocelyn Araujo Rodriguez and I am currently filling the position of executive treasurer. ASB has made me step out of my bubble, helped me become more social and willing to try new things.  I hope to study nature conservation and exploration in the future and work with a wildlife preservation organization eventually.

Director of Activities

Fatima Guerra Gutierrez, Director of Activities

My name is Fatima Guerra Gutierrez, and I’m the Executive director of activities of Desert Mirage High School.  I’ve been part of ASB for two years, where I’ve learned how to appreciate team work and time management. I’m planning to attend college this fall for a liberal arts degree, and become the first generation of my family.