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Associated Student Body

Mrs. Alanna MacDhubhain, Director of Activities

This is Ms. MacDhubhain's first year here at DMHS, as well as her inaugural year as ASB advisor.  She has been an educator for 13 years and has worked at schools from San Ysidro to Riverside.  She was a member of the ASB both in middle and high school and hopes to help develop the DMHS ASB into the truly transformative force for positivity that it has the power to be on any campus.  Go RAMS!

Mission Statement

We are the Desert Mirage Associated Student Body. We plan, organize, promote school activities and encourage community involvement. We stand for unity, inclusion, acceptance, commitment and passion. Our purpose is to increase school spirit and pride, student involvement and create a positive atmosphere for our students. We serve our students, staff, parents and community.


Click the following link for the PDF copy of the Expectations


• Attendance to ASB class daily
• Attendance to ALL class meetings- lunch/after school • Attendance to ALL ASB Events

✓Dances- Set up/Break down ✓Festivals-Set up/Break down ✓Saturday events ✓Homecoming Float building ✓Senior quad painting ✓Extended class days for projects

• SportingGames
✓Attend All Football games ✓Variety of other selected sports

• Mandatory Participation in ALL Spirit Days • Active Participation

✓Voices heard/input

✓ Focus
• Maintain a 3.0 GPA • COMMITMENT


• Follow Dress code
• Appropriate behavior in school and classrooms • Social Media

✓Appropriate Language/behavior


• Phones/headsets put away • Facing Forward
• Focus/Pay Attention
• Ask questions/Participation


✓ Warning

✓Probation Contract

✓Removal from ASB • Communication-

✓You (yourself)Notify Ms. Sauceda or Class Advisors in advance if you cannot attend meeting/event

• Spirit Days- NO DRESS ✓One Warning

✓Removal from ASB SEE Sticker Board Chart

✓Executive Vice President will track ✓Class Presidents will track

ASB Application

Click the following link for the PDF copy of the ASB Application.

Class Officer Application

Click the following link for the PDF copy of the Class Officer Application.

ASB Constitution

Click the following link for the PDF copy of the ASB Constitution