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Tardy students will be detained by security personnel and held until the student’s attendance is reviewed with the student to determine the cause of the tardy.  This may cause the student to be detained by School Safety personnel for the extent of the period.  Students will not receive participation credit for that class.  Students may still make up any work assignment(s) and/or quizzes/tests they may have missed due to this absence.  Students with chronic unexcused tardy history who have been repeatedly advised and counseled will be written up with a discipline referral for insubordination. Appropriate administrative action will be taken at that time.


We started our California approved curriculum on Sexual Health education this week.  We have copies of the curriculum in English and Spanish for you to see in the library.  You are welcome to stop by and take a look.  We are happy to assist you should you have any questions.  Thank you.




Esta semana empezamos nuestro curso de educación sexual aprobado por el estado de California.  Tenemos copias en la biblioteca en inglés y en español de los libros que estarán utilizando.  Los invitamos a visitarnos si tienen preguntas or quieren ver los libros.  Con gusto los atenderemos.  Gracías.


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