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Financial Aid

Scholarships Offered for 2016-2017

  • Riverside Sheriff’s Association Student Scholarship Program is making available 4 awards of $2500.
  • Also, 4 awards of $1000 will be granted to students who plan to attend or currently attending an accredited a two-year college, vocational-technical or trade school. The deadline is March 31, 2017.
  • Caners Scholarship 2017. This scholarship is available to students who plan to pursue a career in Horticulture or AgriBusiness. The deadline for this scholarship is March 15, 2017.
  • The California Retired Teachers Association, Division #43, is making available a $1000 scholarship whose parent or grandparent has been an educator. The deadline for this scholarship is March 24, 2017.

Scholarship Awards Night

How to Apply


A-G Requirements

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UC/CSU A-G Subject Requirements

The UC/CSU requirements divide the subjects into 7 different categories and have labeled each category with a letter ranging from “A-G” as specified below:

A. HISTORY/SOCIAL SCIENCE: (20 Credits). Must include two sessions of World History, two sessions of U. S. History, or one session each of U.S. History and American Government.

B. ENGLISH: (40 credits). Must consist of eight sessions of college preparatory composition and literature.

C. MATHEMATICS: (30 Credits---40 recommended). Must consist of college preparatory mathematics which includes topics covered in Algebra 1, Geometry and Advanced Algebra.

D. LABORATORY SCIENCE: (20 credits---30 recommended). Must provide basic knowledge in at least two of the fundamental disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. (At least one life and one physical).

E. LANGUAGES OTHER THAN ENGLISH: (20 credits---30 recommended). All credits must be in the same language.

F. VISUAL AND PERFORMING ARTS: (10 Credits). These courses must be in the categories of dance, drama/theater, music, or visual art and meet the approval of the UC/CSU system.

G. COLLEGE PREPARATORY ELECTIVES: (10 Credits). These credits must be earned in one of the following subject areas: history, social science, English, advanced mathematics, laboratory science, and languages other than English.

What are the rules on REPEATING courses?

For freshman applicants, a grade of C or better is required to fulfill a subject requirement. D and F grades are not acceptable and must be cleared by repeating a class, completing advanced work in the same subject area of sequential knowledge (math or language other than English) or attaining certain minimum scores on SAT, AP or IB examinations.

There is no limit to the number of repeated courses applicants may present, but each course can be repeated only once. The University of California does not accept Pass/Fail grades for freshman admission.

If a student repeats a course used to satisfy the "A-G" requirements in which he or she originally earned a grade of C or higher, the repeated grade will not be used in calculating the GPA.

Choosing a College Campus

Choosing a college or university is an important and complicated decision. There are many factors which contribute to the process, but the important thing is to find a place where you are comfortable and stimulated toward doing your best. Several factors you should consider about a school’s atmosphere and suitability are found on this PDF link.